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High culture may breed bacterial culture

My article “Can high culture make you sick at the museum?” appears in the Washington Post.

(Smithsonian) The Scandalous Story Behind the Beguiling and Provocative 19th-Century Sculpture “Greek Slave”

My article “The Scandalous Story Behind the Beguiling and Provocative 19th-Century Sculpture ‘Greek Slave’” appears in Smithsonian magazine.

“Obedience to authority” experiment in DC

Pedestrians seeking to walk on the west side of 18th Street NW in Washington, D.C., between K and L streets were confronted by about a dozen people in hazard vests directing them, if they were using their phones, to walk in an aisle designated for cell phone use. The first man in a vest I […]

Could Minecraft help kids get smarter?

When Rob Patrick’s then 7-year-old son Riley started asking to play Minecraft two years ago, the Edmonton-based radio morning show host and his wife had no idea what he was talking about. After asking around and doing some research, they decided Minecraft was much better than most of the other gaming alternatives because it was […]

What Ever Happened to Second Life?

Want to know what it’s like these days to be a scholar wandering through Second Life, the three-dimensional, virtual world that was once billed as The Next Big Thing in academia? Just fast-forward to a famous scene from Monty Python and the Holy Grail—the one in which a cadaver collector pushes a cart through the […]

Apple graveyard

My article about Lucy Barker’s “Apple graveyard,” which I saw at Sculpture by the Sea at Bondi Beach in Sydney, appears in First Things. Jon Berkeley’s illustration for a January 2010 Economist cover depicts Steve Jobs as a modern Moses with a saintly halo. One of his trademark black turtlenecks peeks through his biblical robe, […]

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