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The Haggadah Illuminations of Barbara Wolff (Forward)

My article “The Haggadah Illuminations of Barbara Wolff” appears in the Jewish Daily Forward’s Sisterhood blog.

Jews of the Civil Rights Movement

Among the more than 200 items which are slated to appear in the Library of Congress exhibit “The Civil Rights Act of 1964: A Long Struggle for Freedom” in Washington, D.C. — which will be on view until September 12, 2015 — are documents written by civil rights leaders, newspaper clippings, legal briefs and artwork. […]

How Alfred Dreyfus Laid the Foundations for Blogging and Social Networking

The public trial for treason of French Jewish captain Alfred Dreyfus has proven fodder for everything from anti-Semitic walking cane handles to a riot-inducing 1931 play and another play in 1974, which the New York Times panned as a flop. Roman Polanski is reportedly directing a film about Dreyfus, which is no wonder, since the […]

A royal Hanukkah lamp in Amsterdam

A Hanukkah lamp that was recently given to the Jewish Historical Museum in Amsterdam may have one of the most compelling provenances of any Jewish ritual object. [Read more on the Jewish Daily Forward‘s Arty Semite blog.]

An Unusual Hanukkah Lamp in Boston

At first glance, Yehia Yemini’s 1920s Hanukkah lamp, which was recently acquired by the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston in its 119-object Charles and Lynn Schusterman Collection, looks pretty typical. The silver lamp, supported by four small orbs for legs, contains the correct number of candleholders and an offset well for the shamash. The decorations […]

What Do Menorahs Have To Do With Madonnas?

The Pietà, or the Virgin Mary mournfully cradling Christ’s dead body, is an artistic invention, which, as the Encyclopedia Britannica explains, “has no literary source.” One of the most important representations of the Pietà is Michelangelo’s late 15th-century marble sculpture at St. Peter’s Basilica. Michelangelo’s Christ lies on the Virgin’s lap, as limp as the […]

How Children’s Books Discovered Their Jewish Roots

In many ways, 2013 has afforded Jewish children’s literature the big break it has needed for some time — perhaps akin to the widespread attention that Jewish comic books and graphic novels have received for years, with their Jewish mice and superhuman men punching out Hitler. At the Chicago Humanities Festival in November, Paul Reitter, […]

Brant Rosen, Suburban Chicago Rabbi, Doubles as Firebrand Critic of Israel

Here’s the lede of my article in the Jewish Daily Forward: EVANSTON, ILL. — It was on December 28, 2008, soon after Israel launched its punishing military campaign in Gaza, known as Operation Cast Lead, that Rabbi Brant Rosen hit the “send” key for a blog post that he believed could well pitch him out […]

The origin of the expression “working like a Hebrew slave”

About a month ago, I wrote to Jewish Daily Forward columnist Philologos on an expression I was seeing often on Twitter, some variation on being worked “like a Hebrew slave.” (As I post this, there have been 10 references on Twitter in the last 24 hours.) As I wrote Philologos, I monitor certain search items […]

“Brewing Up Memories From Pushcart Days of Jewish Old Milwaukee”

“On one of the wall panels in the exhibit, a photograph dated December 5, 1933, and titled “Death of Prohibition” shows more than two dozen people at Leeb’s Log Tavern, celebrating the ratification on that day of the 21st Amendment. Many of the men and some of the women assembled raise full beer glasses as […]

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