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Should You Share Your Research on’s motto, “share research,” may sound like a godsend to scholars who want to do everything possible to make sure their work echoes far beyond the ivory tower. The pared-down social network lets users connect with colleagues, post their own publications, and track the readership of their work—all without having to dig through photographs of […]

Conference Season Is Here. Don’t Stink at Twitter.

After completing his set this September at the Funniest Celebrity Contest in Washington, D.C., comedian Dan Nainan checked his Twitter feed and saw that Josh Rogin, a reporter for The Daily Beast, had panned his act. So Nainan tracked Rogin down in the audience—and attacked him. “There was a punch, a retreat, and another punch, […]

“When You Must Say No, Use Care”

If you’re a faculty member or administrator in a management role, saying “no” to suggestions and projects is a huge part of your job. But a one-word answer like that can be difficult to deliver in academia. How can you stay firm while softening some of the inevitable blow of rejection? Experienced academic managers offer […]

“Common Pitfalls to Avoid in Your CV”

My piece, with tips from the provost and executive vice chancellor for academic affairs at Washington University in St. Louis, among others, appears in the Chronicle of Higher Education. Here’s the lede: If you are applying for a staff position in academe, you may know a bit about the tug-of-war inherent in trying to collapse […]

How to decide when to cut ties

Writers must kill all of their darlings to succeed, states the aphorism commonly ascribed to William Faulkner. But metaphorically murdering, for the betterment of the manuscript, hobbyhorse phrases and literary passages with which one has fallen in love is duck soup compared with scrapping an entire book or, for that matter, cutting ties with larger […]

Must-ask questions for campus interviews

My article, “10 Must-Ask Questions for the Campus Interview,” appears on the Chronicle of Higher Ed site Vitae.

New Chronicle of Higher Education article on professors, social media

My article “On Social Networks, Professors Should Raise Their Profiles With Care” appears on the new Chronicle of Higher Education website Vitae, which self-identifies as “The online career hub exclusively for higher education.” Here’s the lede: When wielded properly, tools such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus can be quite useful for academics, who can […]

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    CIA art collection "Infiltrating the CIA’s Secret Art Collection." Playboy. Jan./Feb. 2017.
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