(NCR) Wright’s iconic home houses eclectic artwork

Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater. Photo: Nachama Soloveichik

My article “Wright’s iconic home houses eclectic artwork,” about Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater, appears in National Catholic Reporter.

Here’s the lede:

MILL RUN, PA. One of several surprises at Fallingwater — the iconic weekend-retreat home designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and built on a waterfall in 1936 — are the collection’s religious works. The patrons, the Kaufmanns, were Jewish, but their collection includes Buddhist and Hindu sculptures, and several noteworthy Catholic works.

In the master bedroom of the house, which is drawing record visitorship amid a bid of several Wright buildings for UNESCO World Heritage status, Wright constructed a niche specifically to house a circa-1420 polychrome carved wood Madonna and Child by an unknown artist. Edgar Kaufmann Sr., who owned Kaufmann’s department store in Pittsburgh and who commissioned Fallingwater with his wife, Liliane, purchased the work. It was thought to be of Austrian-Bohemian origin and was displayed in Fallingwater in 1938.

In an alcove on the third floor where he slept and worked, Edgar Kaufmann jr. — who preferred spelling “jr.” lowercase — installed devotional wood carvings of the Holy Family, or “santos.” One such polychrome wood sculpture, of unknown origins, stands in for the pieces that used to appear in that hallway.

As visitors ascend the first set of indoor stairs, they arrive on the second floor face-to-face with an 18th-century Madonna and Child tempera painting by an unknown, perhaps Peruvian artist. The work depicts the Madonna, clad in a flowing dress with floral patterns and an elaborate hat, attended by two angels (one bearing the sun and the other the moon) as she cradles the infant Jesus on her lap.

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