Extensive quotes in statement from Catholic League’s Bill Donohue

A statement titled “PBS Muhammad Film Raises Questions” from Bill Donahue, president and CEO of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights, quotes extensively (albeit without attribution, and in one case, misquotes) from my Religion News Service article on the PBS/BBC documentary “Life of Muhammad.”

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Source: Catholic League official Twitter handle

In the statement (with extensive comments on NewsBusters), Donahue writes:

No one likes to see his religion trashed, and from everything we have learned about “The Life of Muhammad,” Muslims have nothing to worry about. The New York Daily News says the film could be subtitled “Islam 101,” boasting that “If it helps with greater understanding, it has done its job.” A professor who appears in the series praises it for its “balance.”

The professor he refers to is John Esposito, whom I interviewed for my article. Later on, Donahue adds:

Oxford professor Tariq Ramadan erroneously says in the film that “We never represent or have any images of any of the prophets.” Faris Kermani, the producer and director, does not deny that Ramadan is wrong. He simply says that he decided to respect “the current Muslim view, understanding that this has not always been the case.” So kind.

The true quote from Kermani, which Donahue also took from my article, is: “current Muslim view, understanding that historically this has not always been the case.”

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