The annoying “I met a turtle friend” commercial

At first, I thought it was just me. Every time the Expedia “Find Your New Friend” commercial (video below) came on TV, I just found myself annoyed and angrily fact-checking the commercial’s premise.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Flickr/Manuel Sagra

“Traveling, you definitely end up meeting a lot more people, but a friend underwater is something completely different. I met a turtle friend today,” says the narrator. “You don’t get that very often. It seemed like it was more than happy to have us in its home.”

First of all, who says the turtle wanted to be the narrator’s friend, and how could she possibly know that it was happy to host her? It turns out that the commercial has rubbed others the wrong way too.

‘I met a turtle friend today.’ Not really honey,” wrote the author of the blog Shoe: Untied. “No you didn’t. Because he’s a turtle. He was probably hoping you would just leave him alone. … God, I hate this commercial. In fact, I think it encapsulates why our country is going straight to hell.”

The commercial underscoring how anyone is going to hell might be a stretch, but the Twitter handle @ZeusPoplar added a bit of humor: “‘I met a turtle friend today, and he seemed more than happy to have us in his home.’ Lady. Lady. You’re killing him. Get out of his shell!”

“Christ I hate that commercial,” added the author of the Tumblr Drawing Bored.

Those are just a few of the colorful commentaries on the commercial. Perhaps it was intended for a demographic that enjoyed it better?

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  1. That is an annoying commercial!

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