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Chicago’s creepy cabinet of curiosities

My article “Chicago’s creepy cabinet of curiosities,” about the International Museum of Surgical Science, appears in the Washington Post.

Collector Leonard Lauder on How Vintage Postcards Can Help Us Understand Propaganda in the Present

My article “Collector Leonard Lauder on How Vintage Postcards Can Help Us Understand Propaganda in the Present” appears in artnet news.

(NCR) Medieval art is relatable today, even out of context

My article “Medieval art is relatable today, even out of context” appears in National Catholic Reporter. Here’s a selection: “Given the increasing misappropriation of medieval crusader rhetoric by American white supremacists and the constant misinterpretation of movements like [the Islamic State] as ‘medieval,’ just to name two examples, our work is more important than ever,” […]

(Forward) How One Word Changed The Course Of World War II

My article “How One Word Changed The Course Of World War II,” about two new acquisitions at the International Museum of World War II in Natick, Mass., appears in the Jewish Daily Forward.

(Atlas Obscura) The Centuries-Old Netherlands Church Celebrating American Thanksgiving

My article “The Centuries-Old Netherlands Church Celebrating American Thanksgiving” appears in Atlas Obscura.

(Smithsonian magazine) How the Nazis “Normalized” Anti-Semitism by Appealing to Children

My article “How the Nazis ‘Normalized’ Anti-Semitism by Appealing to Children” appears in Smithsonian magazine.

Exhibit encourages viewers, religious and secular, to ‘Meet Mary’

One of the best places to learn about the tools and techniques that medieval artists employed to create illuminated manuscripts is their depictions of saints writing and illustrating sacred texts. In art, when St. Luke represents the Virgin, he typically clutches a paintbrush or quill in his hand, and he often stands or sits at […]

Born in Houston, digital Advent calendar goes viral

Not only does The Dude, of “Big Lebowski” fame, abide, but so, too, do whirling dervishes, Jewish prayer shawls, elf dolls suspended between Venetian blinds, and Bernini’s 17th-century sculpture “Ecstasy of St. Teresa.” That’s according to Instagram users across the globe who submitted photos to the Anglican Communion’s new digital Global Advent Calendar. Advent season […]

An Unusual Hanukkah Lamp in Boston

At first glance, Yehia Yemini’s 1920s Hanukkah lamp, which was recently acquired by the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston in its 119-object Charles and Lynn Schusterman Collection, looks pretty typical. The silver lamp, supported by four small orbs for legs, contains the correct number of candleholders and an offset well for the shamash. The decorations […]

Vilna Synagogue Is Rare Gem in Tony Boston Neighborhood

“I find that many of my Boston friends — of whatever religion — have not heard of Vilna, or even if they have, have never visited,” says Samuel Gruber, a cultural heritage consultant, scholar and frequent blogger on Jewish art and architecture. “Nationally, the Vilna Shul has never gotten the type of media exposure of […]

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